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It happens. No matter how much you work at it, no matter how desperately you want that song to happen, songwriting ideas can just... dry up! And it's frustrating.

Whether it's lyrics, chords, melodies or the whole songwriting activity, you're uptight because you can't seem to finish any song you start!

Curing writer's block is only one topic Gary Ewer deals with in his e-book “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting." (SEE ALL SIX OF HIS SONGWRITERS' E-BOOKS)

You can minimize, and even eliminate writer's block, if you use a few simple tricks:

Set a regular time to write every day, or almost every day. Make it your time for songwriting.

Listen to other songwriters' songs on a daily basis. Listening to successful songs is one of the best ways to get motivated.

Stop waiting for inspiration... Get writing NOW. Inspiration comes to those who work, not necessarily those who wait.

Record your music and listen to it. Sometimes all you need is a reminder that not everything you write is a failure! And listening to your music in this way gives you an important objective viewpoint.

“The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-e-book bundle shows you every possible aspect of how to write a great song.

You'll discover:

how to create chord progressions of your own that (finally!) make“The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6 e-book bundle sense!

the difference between STRONG progressions and FRAGILE ones!
how to write a melody that has shape, and suits your lyric to a 'T', and why verse melodies should be different from chorus melodies!

how to write a hook that gets the listener's attention, and has people humming YOUR songs ALL DAY LONG!

why a good lyric does NOT necessarily mean (and often SHOULD NOT MEAN) good poetry;

how to compose every vital part of a song with ease... intro, outro, hook, verse, chorus and more.

how to protect yourself and your songs - what the difference is between performance rights, mechanical rights, copyright, registration... EVERYTHING you need to get yourself out there in the professional world.

and most importantly, how to get past writer's block and finally start writing the songs you've always known you can write!


The Essential Secrets of Songwriting Essential Chord Progressions More Essential Chord Progressions
Songwriting Lessons How to Harmonize a Melody Chord Progression Formulas

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You've got writer's block if you experience any of these symptoms:
  • Your new song sounds like your old song;
  • You blame a lack of inspiration for your inability to finish a song;
  • You get musical ideas, but you can't finish a song;
  • Your lyrics are as interesting as your high school chemistry notes;
  • Your musical ideas feel scattered and disorganized;
  • The pressure of writing a song saps your confidence and makes you feel inadequate as a songwriter;
  • You don't have a songwriting procedure;

Writer's block is not a mysterious ailment. Songwriting, like all artistic activities, brings together creative imagination and craft. Creative imagination is what is often responsible for that initial idea... what we often simply call "inspiration." Craft is the technical understanding you have to take that idea and expand it into a working song.

Writer's block is usually a problem with your craft, not your imagination.

The solution is simple:

• You need to take a look at the world's best songs, and find out WHY THEY SUCCEED.

• You need to find out more about chord progressions, how they work, and how to use them.

• You need to discover the secrets of how to write great melodies, lyrics, hooks, intros, outros, verses, choruses, bridges and more.

• You need to get doing some FUN songwriting exercises that will immediately improve your skills as a songwriter.

So you've got a choice. You can keep struggling, trying to finish that next song - not to mention the last 50 songs you've started but never finished.

Or you can be discovering all the secrets that the world's best songwriters have known for decades! And finally take a big step to making writer's block a thing of the past.

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